Warzone Players Demand A Fresh Start With Modern Warfare II

Warzone players aren't afraid to share their thoughts on Call of Duty's hugely popular battle royale. Despite the Pacific era and the Caldrera map still being in its infancy, some members of the community are already looking ahead to the next major change.

With numerous issues ranging from invisible guns and disappearing buildings, it's no surprise to see players wondering what the future of Warzone will hold.

Likely to be the integration of Modern Warfare II, one player wants Warzone to start fresh with a complete overhaul solely focused on the new release.

Warzone Fresh Start Modern Warfare 2 2022
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Warzone Fresh Start

Reddit user 'GodeaterTJ' suggested how the battle royale can embrace a fresh start by making some radical changes to how annual releases integrate with the battle royale. The user suggests that "all old cod games" should be removed, meaning weapons from Vanguard, Modern Warfare (2019), and Black Ops Cold War will disappear.

Some were quick to agree with the statement, calling for Activision to implement a complete overhaul of the battle royale. "Blow up the current game. It's trash," added another player.

Warzone Modern Warfare II Integration

A report from VGC revealed that a brand-new Warzone map will feature when Modern Warfare II launches. While an official release date has yet to be revealed, reports have revealed that the next annual release could launch as soon as October due to the poor sales performance of Vanguard. As for integration, the next big change for Warzone is likely to happen during the first Season of Modern Warfare II which is likely to be in the final months of 2022.

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