Warzone Hackers Create Lobbies to Rank up Weapons Fast

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Season 1 of Warzone Pacific is well underway and Raven Software seems to have done a good job at keeping cheaters away thanks to the launch of RICOCHET anti-cheat. Despite the best efforts of the developer and Activision, it appears that cheaters are still capable of manipulating Caldera to gain an unfair advantage that appears to benefit everyone in the lobby.

Cheaters in Warzone have figured out a way to rank up weapons with just a single kill, much to the surprise of any unsuspecting players. Content creator TimTheTatman found themselves in a “hacked lobby” where players were able to level up to the highest rank in the blink of an eye.

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Warzone Pacific Weapon XP Hacked Lobbies

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If you want to get attachments for every gun, you have to work your way through several Weapon Levels which takes an extremely long time without Double Weapon XP active. Each time you level up, a new attachment unlocks, enabling you to create a deadly combination to succeed in a match.

But hackers and those in the lobbies do not need to grind through the levels. All they need to do is get one kill and they end up with every single attachment that's available for the weapon they're using. This is not the first time that these hacked lobbies have been showcased but it is surprising that they still exist even after the introduction of RICOCHET.

It looks like these glitched lobbies offer insane amounts of weapon XP. Timthetatman showcased the glitch on Twitter and said “I think we have a problem, Call of Duty.” Raven Software is trying its best to bring the cheating under control but it has not commented on the new exploit yet. While RICOCHET is preventing cheaters from loading into Warzone, this latest bypass isn't the worst that could be in the game, especially when many players have been complaining about the slow progression.

How Do The Warzone Pacific Hacked Lobbies Work?


It is currently unknown how these hacked lobbies work and if you need to level your weapons quickly, you may be able to take advantage of this particular exploit. If you choose to do so, it could lead to a potential ban so use it at your own risk.

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