Warzone Festive Fervor: Where to Find the Elves

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Season 1 of Warzone Pacific has received some festive additions as part of the Festive Fervor event taking place within the battle royale. Alongside the arrival of Krampus and some Festive Firs, a number of elves have been spotted across Caldera and Rebirth Island.

Unlike Krampus, the elves won't try and kill you during a match. In fact, the creatures will encourage you to try and eliminate them which could lead to you scoring some rewards for your efforts. With that said, where can you find the elves on Caldera and Rebirth Island? Find out their locations in this guide!

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Warzone Elf Locations

Warzone Elf Locations
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Unlike the Festive Firs that have appeared around Caldera, the locations of the elves won't be as straightforward to find. If players get within ten metres of their location, the elves will make a noise allowing you to track them down and destroy them. There are no set locations for the creatures, meaning that they could appear anywhere on Caldera and Rebirth Island so be sure to turn up the volume so you can hear the calls.

Warzone Elf Rewards

Once you've managed to track down the elves and have dealt with them, there is a range of rewards that can be obtained:

  • Double XP Tokens
  • Calling Cards

If you're after some exclusive cosmetics or handy Double XP Tokens to rank up your level or weapons as quickly as possible, it's definitely listening for the elves over the course of a match. Don't forget to keep the focus on the human opponents as it can be very easy to get sidetracked by searching for the elves!

That's everything you need to know about the mischievous elves in Warzone Pacific. For more intel on the Festive Fervor event, find the locations for the Festive Firs and information on the challenges in these guides.

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