Warzone Hackers Frustrated With RICOCHET Anti-Cheat

Season 1 of Warzone Pacific is well underway and the new RICOCHET Anti-Cheat which went live on December 15th seems to be doing its job quite well. Players are reporting a hacker-free experience in Warzone which is a welcome change.

One of the main features of RICOCHET is the kernel-level driver that arrived into the battle royale this week. With players experiencing minimal numbers of cheaters in their games, the Festive Fervor event might become a lot more enjoyable for Warzone fans.

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Warzone Hackers Frustrated With RICOCHET

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The first few weeks of Warzone Pacific were rough for players as cheaters were running rampant on the servers. But with the arrival of RICOCHET earlier this week, the vast majority of hackers seem to have disappeared, much to the approval of the community.

Fans in the Warzone Reddit are going wild while reacting to the reaction of cheaters in public forums. It looks like hardware spoofing is not working, which means if the cheaters ever want to get back to Warzone, they will have to buy brand-new PCs.

Some panicking hackers are actually running to their nearest computer stores to buy a new PC just to play Warzone again. If Raven Software keeps up the good job, Warzone might finally become 100% hacker-free.

How Does The RICOCHET Anti-Cheat Work?

There is a detailed explanation available from Raven Software, but to put things simply, the anti-cheat checks your computer or console at the kernel level to identify signs of cheating. Prior to the recent update, Warzone deployed an internal anti-cheat which was simply not as good as RICOCHET.

If a cheat program tries to interact with Warzone, RICOCHET will detect it immediately leading to a hardware ban. So far, the anti-cheat has been successful according to player reports and has improved everyone’s experience significantly.

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