Leak Claims Warzone Loadout Change Will Revert in Season 2

The Pacific era of Warzone started with a wealth of changes arriving in the battle royale. Alongside the arrival of Caldera and the entire Vanguard arsenal, Raven Software decided to modify the availability of Loadout Drops, much to the annoyance of players.

The change means players have to rely on floor loot for the early stages of the game rather than using a loadout of their choice.

With several members of the community demanding the developer to revert the change in Season 2, a leaker has revealed their wishes may come true.

Warzone Pacific Loadout Drop Revert
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Warzone Loadout Drop Changes

According to notable leaker 'TheGhostofHope,' the delay is reverting in specific playlists and modified in others to give players the opportunity to earn their preferred weaponry as fast as possible. "The loadout delay is being reverted in Regular BR Solos/Duos/Trios/Quads," explained Hope.

While the change is taking place in standard BR playlists, the delay will remain in Vanguard Royale modes but at "half the time it currently is." It's unclear as to why Raven Software opted to change Loadout Drops in the first place, but many are happy that one of the key elements of Warzone is returning to normal.

When Are Warzone Loadout Drops Changing?

Changes to Loadout Drops are set to arrive as part of the Season 2 update which goes live on February 14. It's expected the update will contain a wide range of bug fixes alongside a wealth of new content ranging from new weapons to changes to Caldera.

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