Warzone Graphics Glitch Causes Guns To Emit Bright Light

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As Season 1 of Warzone Pacific comes to an end, players are continuing to find new bugs and glitches that add to a long list of existing issues currently affecting the battle royale.

Since switching to Caldera, Warzone has contained numerous problems ranging from flying cars to players freezing at Buy Stations despite Raven Software applying a fix.

With Season 2 on the horizon, some members of the community are encountering a strange beacon of light emitting from specific pieces of ground loot, much to their confusion.

Warzone Bright Light Glitch
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Warzone is no stranger to lighting issues causing problems for players during its time in Verdansk. After finding a new home on Caldera, lighting has had minimal impact on players until now. While playing a match, Reddit user 'aryan_s6' came across an MP40 before a beam of bright light suddenly appeared.

Several players revealed that the same issue had happened to them at a different area of the map, suggesting that the blinding light is a regular occurrence. "That's the latest gun skin," one commenter joked. "You pay $50 and it'll literally blind your enemies."

Will The Bright Light Glitch Get Fixed?

Players that are unable to see loot due to an unintentional beam of light suddenly appearing is a significant problem within Warzone. With several players reporting the problem, it's likely Raven Software will fix the bizarre graphical glitch in an upcoming update. Let's hope it will arrive as part of the highly-anticipated Season 2 update on February 14.

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