Warzone Lethal Luxury Skin Is "Pay-to-Lose" Thanks to Glitch

Since arriving on Caldera, players have encountered a variety of visual bugs and glitches that disrupt their Warzone matches. Invisible guns had a huge impact on Season 1 and as Season 2 nears the halfway point, issues surrounding Operator skins have returned.

Specific skins often cause problems within the battle royale, much to the annoyance of players. Some turned players invisible at certain distances and in this case, other problems are emerging.

Players have branded the Lethal Luxury skin "pay-to-lose" thanks to a glitch causing the outfit to cover the area in front of them.

Lethal Luxury Warzone Bundle
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Warzone Lethal Luxury Operator Glitch

Any form of glitch interfering with the view of a player is hugely annoying, especially when it could cover the location of a nearby opponent. During a match, Reddit user 'OM_Jesus' showcased the flickering in action when attempting to navigate up a hill.

The clip shows that the problem is hugely distracting. It's even more frustrating that players have had to pay 2400 COD Points ($20/£16.79) to purchase the bundle. "Do they test any f***ing thing in this game before pushing it out the door?" commented another frustrated user.

Will The Lethal Luxury Glitch Get Fixed?

Considering the flickering is hugely annoying, it's highly likely several players have reported the problem to Raven Software. The Warzone developer is often quick to push a fix for visual glitches meaning one could arrive in the coming days. Until then, it's probably best to save your COD Points or look at buying a bundle that doesn't interrupt your view.

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