How to Stop Warzone Restarting on Xbox

Despite Raven Software implementing a wealth of bug fixes in the Season 1 Reloaded update, players are still encountering a range of problems when dropping into Caldera. For Xbox players, the switch to the Pacific has been far from perfect, with players regularly freezing when approaching a Buy Station and even issues that cause the battle royale to crash altogether and restart.

The mid-season update was meant to improve the performance of Warzone for console players but it appears that the update has failed to do so, much to the annoyance of Xbox players in particular. With that said, here's how to stop Warzone restarting on Xbox.

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Warzone Keeps Restarting Xbox

Warzone Keeps Resetting Xbox Fix
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While some problems involve players accessing a specific part of the game, Warzone resetting seems to take place at random. Some players have had their game crash when altering a loadout in the Gunsmith while some have reset in the middle of a match which is far from ideal. Usually, there are some unofficial workarounds that do the trick but in this case, it appears that even a fresh re-install will not address the issue.

How To Stop Warzone Resetting

With no kind of workarounds addressing the problem, those falling victim to the random resets will have to wait until Raven Software implements a surefire fix to prevent it from happening. Considering the severity of the issue, it's likely a fix should arrive in an upcoming update. To keep track of all the issues affecting Warzone, check out Raven Software's Trello board for a better idea of what is being worked on and what the developer is aware of.

If any kind of workaround is discovered prior to an update release, we will update this article with a complete walkthrough to stop Warzone restarting on Xbox.

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