Warzone Players Annoyed With Game-Breaking Buy Station Glitch

Season 1 of Warzone Pacific marked the start of a new era for the popular battle royale, much to the excitement of the community. The introduction of Caldera along with the integration of Vanguard's weapon arsenal led to huge changes in the meta but the current season has been far from smooth sailing.

Since the launch of the new season, there has been a wide range of bugs and glitches negatively impacting the game, including issues transforming players into unkillable demons and sending them to the Gulag while they're still alive. This latest discovery is causing players to freeze when accessing Buy Stations, giving them no way to defend themselves from any opposition.

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Warzone Pacific Buy Station Glitch

Warzone Pacific Buy Station Glitch
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The glitch causes players to freeze for up to ten seconds which is far from ideal when Buy Stations are hotly-contested areas of the map. The problem was bought to the attention of the community by Reddit user 'fatversionofyou', who encountered the problem before Warzone crashed completely.

Being unable to get your hands on a UAV or bringing your squadmates back into the action is a massive inconvenience to one of Warzone's key gameplay elements. In its current state, the battle royale is far from optimal which is frustrating the often-vocal player base.

When Will The Buy Station Glitch Get Fixed?

Considering that this is a huge problem, it's likely Raven Software is already working on a fix to go live as quickly as possible but with other issues also impacting the game, it could be until 2022 until the fix appears.

While we wait for a fix to go live, check out the best sniper rifle to use in Warzone along with the best Caldera landing spots.

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