JGOD Says The Warzone And Vanguard Hacking Whitelist Is Real After Anti-Cheat Presentation With Activision

Earlier this week, Warzone and Vanguard Publisher Activision hosted a presentation for the biggest names in streaming. The presentation covered the anti-cheat system that will be coming in and how it will affect them. JGOD made a video explaining exactly what the anti-cheat measures would entail.

He learned how they were combating cheating and preventing mass reporting from being weaponized from the report. Streamers would be attacked by viewers who hate them with mass reports, so Activision has created a "whitelist." However, the person in charge made sure to clarify that this does not make anyone "untouchable"; it just keeps the immediate effects from hurting streamers.

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Warzone and Vanguard Whitelist

JGOD made it clear that there is no magic anti-cheat bullet that will stop all cheating. An anti-cheat system is designed to make it as hard as possible for cheaters to succeed. Activision will eliminate the majority of cheaters, but those who have made this their profession and destiny will be left.

Here's how the Vanguard and Warzone anti-cheat works:

  • Players can manually report other players
  • If enough reports are received, players will be "shadow banned."
  • Shadow-banned players will only be able to enter lobbies with other suspected cheaters.
  • After that, a team member reviews their gameplay to determine if they cheated.
  • Following this, either they are released to the public, or they are banned.

The Vanguard and Warzone anti-cheat white list has a different beginning but a similar end.

The streamers will be placed on a whitelist to avoid being put in hacker lobbies after mass reports. The investigation will proceed regardless. Activision will apply the same scrutiny to their clips, and they will be accountable. As JGOD put it, "there is no system in place that would make somebody untouchable."

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If you cheat in Warzone or Vanguard, you're still going to get caught.

Stream sniping will also be harder to do. Top named streamers can now hide their names and change them for each match. If someone wants to report them, they can still do it.

"What about Cronus?" I hear many bots asking.

Yes, Activision will hit Cronus and Titan hard. Activision is going to Sony and Microsoft to ensure these devices are not compatible with the game. Because cheating tools are highly predictable, they can pick up their script with ease.

There you go; a big win for Activision is coming soon.

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