Apex Legends And Warzone Streamer FaZe Kalei Banned From Twitch

Faze Clan's prominent Warzone and Apex Legends streamer Kalei was recently banned from Twitch for "Sexually suggestive content." If anyone has ever seen one of her streams, it's hard to imagine when that could have been. Luckily, Twitch made sure to clarify that this happened in her message section.

Streamers who play Apex Legends Ranked and Warzone like Kalei don't really have time to send messages during their stream. In fact, most of the time, they just talk to their audience, so this exposes a big issue with Twitch. Twitch doesn't like telling anyone what they did specifically; they just like to hand out the bans.

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Warzone and Apex legends Streamer banned from Twitch

FaZe Kalei is doing her best to fill the time without Apex Legends and Warzone while the ban lasts.

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FaZe Kalei received the same response as most of us as she attempted to resolve the issue. Twitch told her that they couldn't give her any reason and that a different team was handling it. So, no new information.

Here's an image of the actual statement she was given. This tweet was deleted shortly after she posted it:

FaZe Kalei complaining about the unhelpful Twitch Support. They sent her a message stating that they couldn't help her.
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Credit: FaZe Kalei Twitter
Thanks for the help.

Twitch is taking their time to handle this, so FaZe Kalei is filling her days without Apex Legends and Warzone however she can.

Twitch should resolve this soon, but it's a great example of how Twitch's bans need to be more transparent.

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