CouRageJD, OpTic Scump, And Other Streamers Excited Over Warzone Anti-Cheat

As announced on the Call of Duty Twitter, Warzone is finally getting its anti-cheat system. Clearly, many people are very happy with this new update to the game, including some notable names such as Jack 'CouRageJD' Dunlop, Timothy 'TimTheTatman' Betar, and Seth' Scump' Abner. Since we have waited so long for this, we hope it is as good as the developers claim.

Nevertheless, I'm not so sure, as the hackers have improved their methods over time. Their funding has allowed them to become a huge force in Warzone and Vanguard. I don't think they will go down as easily as Call of Duty claims—I think this will be a war.

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Warzone anti-cheat

Being positive is the best course of action, as many streamers have pledged their support. Below is TimTheTatman:

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Despite the use of 3rd parties, even other games get cheaters. Like Easy, which is used in Battlefield 2042 and Apex Legends, still has its hackers. I agree with Keemstar that they should take the Fortnite approach:

Even though there are plenty of streamers who don't cheat, people will always doubt it. People call these people "bots" because they believe that anyone who is better than them is a cheater. Despite not being banned, people like Badboy Bearman will claim that these streamers are whitelisted because they'll even accuse someone like Scump.

I'm calling it right now. This is not the end of cheating in Warzone. It's just another chapter in the war against hackers.

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