"Literally Prefiring!" - Snip3down Furious As He Catches Apex Legends Predator Cheating

Eric "Snip3down" Wrona was playing an Apex Legends ranked match against predator #143 when the predator killed Snip3down. Taking a close look at the predator's point of view, he realizes that this predator is blatantly cheating. The predator does not attempt to hide, knows where everyone is, aims perfectly, and even fires before he can see anyone.

It's common for players to cheat in many games; Apex Legends is no exception. The problem is that this player has risen so far in predator ranks and is still uncaught. The problem is not that players aren't reporting because even good players can be reported without reason; this is a predator getting away with cheating.

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Apex Legends hacker

When you allow a hacker or cheater to get away with bad behavior long enough, they stop caring. Check out Warzone and its hackers who can dash, fly, and shoot through walls for a glimpse of how far this can go. Things are getting a bit out of hand in Apex Legends. Here's a clip of Snip3down watching the predator.

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It's hard to deny that this predator cheats. "I don't know about that one," said Snip3down after looking through the window for only a moment. After watching the gameplay, this player's blatant cheating made Snip3down furious.

It's not better to hide cheating, but at least it shows there is some shame attached. Snap3down kept getting angry because this player didn't care and was probably getting away with it so often.

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