Apex Legends Pros Complain About Ultimates Disappearing

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Apex Legends is being plagued by one of the worst bugs ever. Many players have watched their ultimates disappear after saving them for the perfect moment. On Twitter, Phillip 'ImperialHal' Dosen and other pros asked Apex Legends to fix these bugs.

Currently, Gibralter, Valkyrie, and now even Caustic have their ultimates not working. As a result, some tournaments may suffer unfair losses due to this issue. According to the clips below, pros aren't making more of this.


Apex Legends Ultimate Bug

I will present ImperialHal's Tweet, followed by Franco 'Xeriffer' Samuel Korompai and Nathan 'NRG Nafen' Nguyen's tweets. They are all perfect examples of what is happening to the ultimates, which is that one is released and within a few seconds it's gone.

A Caustic Ultimate was hurled at ImperialHal's feet in the building they retreated to, but the canister did not release the gas. In an instant, the canister vanished, causing them to stay unharmed in their hiding spots. This is unfair.


Here are the tweets from Xeriffer and NRG Nafen:

Respawn Entertainment shouldn't ignore this issue. Each character's ultimate appears to stop working every week. Caustic, who favors players who use more tactics, needs every trap to work consistently. When we receive a response from Respawn, we'll continue this story.