ZLaner Wins $70k In Warzone Tournament Against Top Pros

Zack' ZLaner' Lane, Jordan' Huskerrs' Thomas, and Alex' Destroy' Benabe were teamed up in the most recent Warzone tournament. This one was special because Scump was up against FormaL, and many believed that one of those two would win. In the end, ZLaner and his team wrecked both OpTic leaders.

While the video advertises "$100,000," in reality, ZLaner and his team won a total of $70k. This is only due to the insane shooting of Destroy, which won him $10k that he split with his team. Ultimately, they only won by a few kills, so their risks at the end won them the entire tournament.

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Warzone Tournament

It was a nice payday and definitely a better video. I thought that Scump would lead his team to victory, but it seems that ZLaner is a lot better than most people realize. In game 4, FormaL drives off a bridge while everyone watches, and it's insane.

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They reiterated their plan at one point. "As long as we're in the top 10 every single game," ZLaner said, not phased by a bad game. Their strategy did work, as they won, but it was really because Game 5 was risky. They died to get in some good shots and won $23k each!

The highlight of the game was at 18:19 during Game 4 when Destroy got a great reflex kill. ZLaner's strategy of holding the bridge seems to work for him since he seems to use it very often. Game 4 was so good that by the end of Game 5, they were just trying to remain at the top.

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