Aydan Tries Warzone Without Aim Assist And Gets Destroyed

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This is the funniest clip about the Warzone aim assist debate. Aydan, a fantastic controller player, tried to play the game without Aim Assist. The ease with which players can use a mouse for aiming is well known, but some have argued that aim assist is excessive.

As many other streamers have before, even Aydan tried playing Warzone without aim assist. After making an embarrassing play, he tries to turn it back on without taking a big deal about it. It's an entirely different game on the controller without aim assist.


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Warzone Aim Assist

The biggest problem is that sometimes aim assist goes too far. That wasn't the case because Aydan couldn't keep his aim where he wanted. It was always so close, but not enough.

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The debate rages on, with even Scump saying he doesn't care what output others choose. Nevertheless, it always amuses me when someone tries to test controllers without aim assist or when a keyboard and mouse player tries a controller. TimTheTatman tried it once and discovered how often aim assist didn't work.

This doesn't add to or help anyone's side in the debate, but it does give a better idea of how necessary it is.