JGOD Says Aim Assist Is "Broken" And Uses A Warzone Clip As Proof

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The aim assist for controllers in Warzone has always been a point of contention. JGOD has finally joined the discussion and said that it has gotten out of control. There's no way anyone can deny that aim assist helps; it's right there in the name.

JGOD responded to a tweet highlighting the effectiveness of the aim assist feature in Warzone on Twitter. As the tweet demonstrated, a player literally did nothing while the aim assistance tracked an enemy. So many keyboard and mouse players oppose aim assist because it's precisely the way aim assist works.


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Aim assist in Warzone

The reason it worked in this clip was that the enemy didn't dart away from the crosshair. The aim assist tracked the enemy because they moved at a slow pace and did not move further away from the player. That's why so many Warzone players believe controller players have an unfair advantage.


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Clips like this aren't the only ones around. We wrote about NRG Huskerrs complaining about it, and Shroud made a video on how broken it is. Despite this, there's no denying that it exists because otherwise, mouse and keyboard players would have an unfair advantage.

Huskerrs' tweet highlighted that it was "too strong," so lowering its strength might be an alternative. The strength is what makes aim assist look exactly like aimbot in many clips. Until this is patched, controller players will be at a considerable advantage.

As JGOD says, “a lot of controller players live in denial,” and many even think aim assist doesn't actually assist them. Even Dexerto agrees with us when we say, let it be known, aim assist assists in aiming. It's a process explained by many, but in layman's terms, if it's in your crosshairs, it will adjust.