Aim Assist on Controllers Is "Too Strong" According to NRG HusKerrs

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In Call of Duty: Warzone, controller aim-assist has always been a problem. Jordan' NRG Huskerrs' Thomas has gone out of his way to call it out. Huskerrs has already lost a $75,000 tournament to a player who used aim assist that looked like auto-aim.

It appears that Huskerrs is finally losing patience with aim-assist in Warzone. An example of this is shown in a tweet that received a response from a FaZe Clan member. HusKerr's close friend Shroud even declared a problem.


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Warzone aim assist

HusKerrs complained about aim assist in Warzone in his original tweet. Even though he teased that he would quit Warzone, it still got his point across.


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Austin "FaZe Pamaj" Pamajewon offered a response:

It sounds like FaZe Pamaj agrees that the system is broken but is suggesting just rolling with it. In other words, "It's unfair, but I'll exploit it like everyone else." NRG Huskerrs sees the issue and wants it to be fixed for a better experience for everyone.


Dexerto originally broke the story but claimed that HusKerrs did not provide a solution after "complaining" and "teasing the notion" of leaving Warzone. However, if you read the original tweet, it's stated that the aim assist is too strong. As HusKerrs suggests, aim assist should be turned down because it's "too strong."