JGOD Revealed What He Learned From Activision’s Streamer Vanguard Alpha

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'James, AKA JGOD,' was invited to a Vanguard Alpha by Activision. Activision invited multiple streamers and influencers to a special Alpha to see how the most recognizable names felt about the game. JGOD examined many of the newest features and developed strategies for the latest Call of Duty game while playing it.

This is probably the most in-depth review of Call of Duty: Vanguard you will ever see. I'm revealing spoilers here, as there are many sections on JGOD's video dedicated to various small details. Would you like to know what Vanguard is like? Below, you'll find it


Call Of Duty: Vanguard: Everything You Need To Know

All details revealed about Vanguard

No lie, every bit of this video provides something new or interesting to learn about Vanguard. I can't believe there is no NDA to stop JGOD because this is intense. This ruins any kind of surprise; from perks to abilities, it's all here. I warn anyone who wants to experience this game fresh to look away.

I warned you, the video starts at 00:00

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It's pretty intense, but here are the timestamps if you want to look around the video:

  • 0:00 Intro
  • 0:53 Initial Impressions
  • 1:39 Buy Station Function
  • 2:23 Weapons Buy Station
  • 3:45 Upgrading Weapons/Attachments
  • 5:25 How to Earn Cash to More Buying Power
  • 7:29 Explaining the Perks
  • 9:04 Minimap Breakdown with Ghost and Enemy Pings
  • 10:45 Forward Intel Breakdown Difference
  • 11:35 Equipment Buy Station
  • 12:22 Support Buy Station (Kill/Score Streaks)
  • 13:30 Flamenaut Example
  • 14:10 Support Buy Station Cont.
  • 15:43 Rough TTKs
  • 18:52 Explaining How Champion Hill Mode Works
  • 21:35 Outro

JGOD did the Call of Duty community a favor by making this video about Vanguard. It's a spoiler-filled video, but this is what we want as a community, more information.