FaZe Swagg Responds To Newest Warzone Cheating Accusations

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The cheating accusations in Warzone have gotten out of hand. There must be an industry for people who accuse others of hacking and make videos about it. Kris 'Swagg' Lamberson is the most recent Warzone pro to be accused.

Swagg is known for exaggerating every weapon in Warzone. The skill he possesses makes each weapon seem better than it actually is, but lately, some are saying that he's hacking the game. When will we accept that streamers and pros practice more and are generally better than the rest of us?


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Swagg Hacking In Warzone

Swagg plays Warzone as much as the best streamers, and it shows because he's outstanding. However, after a great game in Verdansk, Swagg began to be accused by the other players. It's a harsh reality that even JGOD, ZLaner, and IceManIsaac have had to deal with.

Video begins at 00:35


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Swagg is an excellent Call of Duty player, and that's all I have to say. Many streamers have to deal with it and at this point, ZLaner is the most suspected, but Swagg does nothing extraordinary. Readers can find one of the videos accusing him below. Swagg pointed it out.

Still, I don't believe it. Swagg's just good at Warzone.