How To Unlock The OTs 9 SMG In Warzone And Black Ops Cold War

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Season 4 of Warzone and Black Ops Cold War is in full swing and as the season progresses towards the highly-anticipated mid-season update, a brand-new submachine gun is being added into the ever-expanding arsenals on both titles. The OTs 9 is one of four weapons to arrive in the current season of post-launch content and is the tenth SMG to feature in Black Ops Cold War.

This particular SMG isn't included in the Season 4 Battle Pass, meaning that the method of unlocking the weapon differs slightly from the C58 assault rifle and the MG 82 light machine gun which have already made an impact in the Cold War and Warzone metagame. Here's how to unlock the OTs 9 SMG in Warzone and Black Ops Cold War.


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Warzone And Cold War Season 4 Reloaded Start Date

Despite no official information from Activision or Treyarch, the second half of Season 4 is expected to get underway on July 15th. The addition of the OTs 9 isn't the only weapon making its debut in Cold War and Warzone. The Mace is the latest melee weapon to be added, giving players even more options when it comes to creating the best loadouts.

How To Unlock OTs 9 In Warzone And Cold War

Once Season 4 Reloaded begins, there will be two ways to get your hands on the OTs 9 in Black Ops Cold War and Warzone. The first method involves completing an in-game challenge in either title that will award the base version of the OTs 9. Details on the challenge requirements for Black Ops Cold War can be found below:

  • Using SMGs, kill 3 enemies affected by your Tactical Equipment in 15 completed matches

For Warzone, the challenge is slightly different. Here's how to unlock the OTs 9:

  • Using SMGs, kill 2 or more players rapidly in 15 completed matches.

The second method involves spending some COD Points on the "Inside Job" bundle that will contain an exclusive OTs 9 blueprint known as "Undercover Agent." The bundle costs 1200 COD Points.