How To Find Easter Eggs In Warzone

To celebrate Easter, it appears Raven Software has added bundles of Easter Eggs into Warzone. While the Zombies continue to make their way across Verdansk, the presence of actual Easter Eggs in the battle royale has seemingly confirmed that the Easter Exfiltration event will begin imminently.

The event will see players get the opportunity to get their hands on a range of blueprints by completing an Easter-themed contract.

Prior to the event going live, players have already discovered the Easter Eggs in private matches and they appear to be all over the map!

Here's how to get your hands on the Easter Eggs as well as how to complete this egg-citing limited-time event.

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How To Find Easter Eggs

Call of Duty Easter Egg extraordinaire GeekyPastimes was one of the first players to discover the hampers full of eggs.

The hampers appear in various locations across the entire Warzone map, meaning there is no specific position players have to land in order to find them.

Interacting with the hamper drops items in a similar fashion to a Supply Crate. One of the items is a golden egg which begins a contract similar to the Supply Run.

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Easter Egg Contract Rewards

Once the golden egg has been egg-stracted, players will receive a wealth of cash alongside weapon blueprints that can only be obtained by completing other Easter Eggs in the battle royale.

According to GeekyPastimes, one of the blueprints that can be earned is the Bay of Pigs blueprint that was only available as part of the Know Your History Warzone event which revealed Black Ops Cold War.

Easter Exfiltration Release Date

Considering that Easter weekend is here, players can expect this event to go live at some point on April 2nd.

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