Warzone's Zombies Heading To TV Station

Warzone has just reached the halfway stage of Season 2 and as the focus switches to some of the new content set to arrive in the battle royale, the horde of Zombies are making their way across to their next target.

Having escaped the wreck of the Vodianoy ship at the beginning of the season, the undead has conquered the prison, Verdansk's hospital, and Downtown's Bank.

Having made their U-turn from the Hospital and into Downtown, it appears that the undead is about to enter the northern half of the map for the very first time with a visit to the BCH4 TV Station, one of the most popular landing spots on the entire map.

Here's everything we know about the Zombies' next movements.

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Warzone Zombies TV Station

Despite a lack of official teasers surrounding the movement of the undead, content creators have received yet another cryptic message along with a t-shirt and a mug featuring the logo of the TV Station.

Warzone Zombies TV Station
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The note reads: "Tonight at 10. Lead Anchor Ray Gun's look at the state of Verdansk. All this and gore on BCH4 News."

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Where Is The TV Station?

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The TV Station in Warzone isn't one of the largest points of interest in Verdansk but it is certainly one of the most popular thanks to the placement of a helicopter on its rooftop.

Situated to the east of the Verdansk International Airport and slightly north of Downtown, the area of the map is often populated with plenty of players attempting to get their hands on the chopper as well as a few kills in the early stages of a match.

With the Zombies likely heading inside the main building, be sure to keep your eyes and ears peeled for any undead opponents!

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