Ground Loot and Contracts Return to Warzone Solo Matches

Following the launch of Season 3, Warzone players dropped back onto Caldera to see all of the new map changes for themselves. Upon landing, many were quick to realise some major gameplay mechanics were missing.

Prior to obtaining a loadout, ground loot is the only way to score some kills and earn some cash towards some game-changing items. In addition, completing Contracts such as the brand-new Sabotage objective is a surefire way of earning enough cash to spend on a Loadout Drop.

Once the Season 3 update went live, players were left confused after discovering all ground loot and Contracts had disappeared from the game.

No Warzone Ground Loot or Contracts

On April 28, Warzone developer Raven Software confirms its investigation into the missing loot and Contracts leaving players with minimal options in the early stages of a solo match. A few hours later, the developer resolved the problems and players could earn weapons from the floor of Caldera.

It's fair to say the issue was causing plenty of solo players but the impressive turnaround meant there was no need to remove the mode altogether. Bugs and glitches often impact Warzone, with players sometimes waiting several days for a surefire fix to appear.

Recently, the spawn plane was flying through Peak causing players to become trapped underneath Caldera much to their annoyance.

Although Season 3 is in its early stages, players are expressing plenty of positivity surrounding several changes made to the game. The darker skybox drastically improves visibility while the widespread sniper nerf has spiced up the ever-changing metagame.

The new season is off to a smooth start so let's hope no more bugs and glitches impact players.

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