Bizarre Warzone Glitch Causes Spawn Plane to Fly Inside Peak

At the start of every single Warzone match, players drop out of a plane and attempt to land at their favourite landing spot on Caldera.

Ahead of Season 3, teasers have confirmed the arrival of Godzilla as part of Operation Monarch while the roadmap shares information on a range of new guns and weapons making their way to the ever-expanding arsenal.

Ahead of Godzilla and Kong's appearance, eagle-eyed players have noticed the spawn plane is flying lower than normal. This abnormal flight path is resulting in the plane flying straight through the Peak point of interest, much to the surprise of those on board.

Warzone Spawn Plane Flies Through Peak

Bugs and glitches are nothing new in Warzone despite the best efforts of Raven Software attempting to prevent flaws from appearing in the battle royale.

Call of Duty League commentator and Warzone streamer Joe 'Merk' DeLuca was one of the first to discover this particularly unusual glitch as he prepared to land into the action.

While some players decide to drop into the action when the plane is inside Peak, others wait for the plane to pass through the other side in order to avoid becoming trapped underneath the map for the entire match.

The change in flight path has created plenty of debate within the community. Many believe Raven Software has made the change in preparation for significant map changes teased by Raven Software with the appearance of Godzilla looming.

While it's interesting to see the developer making changes ahead of time, players landing under Caldera is a huge problem. Whether Raven Software addresses the issue prior to the start of Season 3 is unclear so it's probably best to avoid dropping when the plane is flying through the map.

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