Warzone Hackers Spotted Using Flying Cars in Caldera

Since Warzone transitioned to the Pacific island of Caldera, Activision Blizzard and Raven Software have done their best in order to prevent cheaters from ruining the battle royale.

The launch of Ricochet anti-cheat has prevented several hackers from logging in but some are continuing to slip through the net.

Hackers that do find their way into matches have had weapon damage disabled to give legitimate players a fighting chance but the lack of damage hasn't stopped one bizarre cheat from arriving in Caldera.

Warzone Pacific Flying Car Hack
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Warzone Pacific Flying Car Hack

This isn't the first time players have spotted flying cars overhead in Warzone. The hack first appeared in Verdansk after cheat providers accepted a dare to implement it into their software. Their presence in Caldera, discovered by pro Warzone streamer Intechs during a match, caught their entire squad by surprise.

The players attempted to avoid the flying car by taking cover at a nearby tree but the hackers aboard unleashed a barrage of gunfire, bringing their match to a premature end. "These hackers are having the time of their life," joked Warzone streamer and Intechs' squadmate Swishem.

Will the Warzone Flying Car Hack Get Fixed?

Activision and Raven Software take the issue of cheating extremely seriously, meaning the likelihood of Ricochet addressing the newly-discovered hacks quickly is very high. While the community waits for cars to return to the ground, it might be worth keeping your eyes on the skies in your next matches!

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