Warzone Hackers Add Flying Cars To Verdansk

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As Season 5 comes to an end and with the start of Season 5 Reloaded right around the corner, Warzone players have encountered yet another bug where hackers are adding flying cars to Verdansk. Warzone cheaters are well known to use wallhacks and aimbots in order to gain an unfair advantage against their opponents.

Although, hackers have now developed some of the tools for launching their vehicles in mid-air. They can now make their vehicles instantly fly in the air at any given time which will provide them with a full view of the map and an advantage over everyone else.


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Warzone Flying Car Hack

Warzone Tactical Rover Jumping Over A Buy Station

This idea was actually brought up by FaZe Clan star "KaleiRenay" when she tweeted this idea as a joke. However, hackers took her seriously and flying vehicles were seen on the map after merely three days.


The vehicles also have the ability to lock on which means that even if they crash their vehicle down from heaven your entire squad could be wiped out in less than five seconds. This actually tells us they can win a match in Warzone without even firing a single bullet.

Warzone hackers have always been in talks including the time when they gifted max-ranked accounts to popular streamers. Some of them even played with unreleased skins.

Even though Season 5 Reloaded will bring in a wealth of brand-new content, the community patiently waits for a dedicated anti-cheat to arrive with the release of Vanguard.