Facebook Gaming Comes Under Fire For Granting Warzone Hacker A Partnership

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Ever since the release of Warzone back in March 2020, the developers of the battle royale have been in an ongoing battle with hackers attempting to use third-party software to gain an unfair advantage over their opposition.

While the likes of Raven Software and Activision have upped their efforts to combat the problem during Season 3, streaming platform Facebook Gaming has come under fire after giving one particular streamer a partnership for their channel despite hacking.

The community was quick to express the frustrations with the platform after the streamer showcased their cheats on a regular basis.

Here's everything you need to know about Facebook Gaming granting partnerships to Warzone hackers.

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Facebook Gaming Gives Warzone Hacker Partnership

The issue first appeared after another Facebook Gaming partner shared the streamer known as "Hacks gaming 2" on Twitter, clearly showing that they had somehow earned a partnership despite cheating.

Like other streaming platforms, earning a partnership is the highest status a creator can obtain, giving them the ability to earn money from the content they're producing.

Soon after realising that Hacks gaming 2 was getting paid for clearly cheating in Warzone, another Facebook streamer directly addressed the platform in a bid to ban the creator from the platform altogether.

Calling it an "insult to the platform and every streamer grinding for partnership", Jeff Leach's impassioned response may have forced Facebook into taking some kind of action.

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Hackers Facebook Gaming Account Banned

As of writing, (May 3rd) the account has disappeared from the platform, much to the delight of the community.

Alongside Raven Software and Activision attempting to combat the problem of cheaters, streaming platforms must remain vigilant in order to prevent hackers from benefitting by using their platform to showcase their cheats.

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