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When Will The Mines Open In Warzone?

Season 3 of Warzone is in full swing and many players have been exploring the brand-new iteration of Verdansk set in 1984. The new map includes a number of new points of interest including a satellite array that towers over the map.

Another new point of interest is located towards the north side of the map. It is an abandoned mine shaft complete with a number of small buildings that look like they could contain some kind of transportation system that will eventually allow players to explore underground.

Alongside the buildings, there are a number of tunnels that have been blocked off, implying that they can be accessed.


So when exactly will the mine be opening up?

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Warzone Mine Shaft

Warzone Mine Shaft When Will It Open Entrances
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Several players have managed to perform exploits that allow them to access the mine shaft before Raven Software has officially opened them up. Even after seeing what's inside, there are minimal clues that point towards the secrets that could lie within the tunnels.


With minimal clues on offer, it's unclear as to how the mine will open up but judging by the large numbers of red shacks that cannot be accessed that can be found across Verdansk, it looks like there will be a number of ways to access the tunnels that run below the map.

What could possibly be within the tunnels? Is Stitch using the mine as an underground transportation network to move Nova 6 around the map? Only time will tell before we uncover the secrets of the abandoned mine!

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When Will The Mine Open?

So far there have been no clues as to when the mine will open its doors, adding another layer of mystery to this particular area of the Warzone map.

With a mid-season event set to take place, there is a chance that the mine will open depending on what the event entails but we think that it may be a little too soon to open up the mine considering the large-scale changes to Verdansk happened not too long ago.

One thing is for sure. It's likely that we can expect teasers surrounding the mine and what could be inside appearing in the not too distant future so be sure to keep your eyes peeled.