How To Climb To The Top Of Warzone's Array

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Season 3 of Warzone is well underway and the main talking point is the arrival of a brand-new iteration of Verdansk set in 1984. The new map has seen a number of new points of interest appear on the map, including a remake of the classic Black Ops map Summit and a huge satellite array that towers over the centre of the map.

The massive grid provides an incredible vantage point of the majority of the map, and it turns out that players are able to climb the structure all the way to the top, making it an incredible spot for sniper rifles to make a significant impact.


While the thought of scaling the satellite array may be tempting, the process isn't as straightforward as some players may think.

Find out the best way to climb Warzone's array in this article!

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How To Climb Array In Warzone

Warzone Array How To climb

Warzone content creator Thats_Frosty has managed to find the fastest way of climbing to the top of the structure.


Use the rappel line to access the intended platforms but after that, the process gets a lot trickier. Jump over the fence and mantle over the beams within the satellite array to move higher up.

The content creator explains that you will need to stand in the middle of each beam in order to grab onto the next one without falling back down to the bottom.

Eventually, you will make it to the top for some incredible views of the map where a sniper rifle comes into a league of its own.

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Is It Worth It?

Once you've successfully made it to the top of the satellite array, there's no guarantee that you will manage to spot anyone and be able to eliminate them.

You will certainly have the height advantage but with no cover available at the very top, you are at a high risk of being taken out by some well-timed shots from an opponent.