T-Pain absolutely destroys racists in Call of Duty

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In this TikTok, you can see T-Pain patiently listening to Call of Duty gamers being racist. They start saying "f*** Black Lives Matter," and one player repeats the n-word (with the hard r) multiple times in a row. It was evident that T-Pain was angry, and he was just waiting for the match to start.

After the match started, T-Pain declared all of them would pay for the racial slurs they used, and he specifically pointed out the player who repeatedly called him the n-word. T-Pain said:

"One of these motherf***ers is on that n***** s*** and I want all of them."

It was insane and awe inspiring. Throughout the match, T-Pain grew angrier and angrier, destroying the players. At one point, two attackers gang up on him only to be shot down as T-Pain screamed in triumph. It was clear that they didn't stand a chance.

T-Pain was a machine out for racist blood.

That was pretty intense, and it felt good to see the players who make the game lobby toxic get owned in such a positive fashion. T-Pain didn't argue back; he just proved that he wasn't to be messed with. This is the best T-Pain line during the video:

"Keep talking that n**** s****! I want you to delete the black skins from your mother f****ing COD! I want the whole thing! I want it all! I want all! Boy!"

The slaughter was finally over, and T-Pain was greeted with "Victory" front and center of his screen. It was a happy "The End" to his video.

"Ohhhhhhh… Ladies and gentlemen looks like the n***** wins… Stupid idiots."

The enemy players couldn't even say anything back because it was so definitive. Some awful players think they can say whatever they want, but T-Pain silenced them rapidly in this case.

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