Dr Disrespect Doesn't Want To Play Warzone Caldera Anymore

Content creator Dr Disrespect is never afraid to share his thoughts on various aspects of Warzone. After dropping into Operation Monarch, the two-time and NICKMERCS agreed the latest limited-time event is "awful."

Alongside sharing information on "Project Moon," the streamer continues to offer his opinions on Call of Duty's battle royale. With the community often calling for the return of Verdansk due to a lack of interest in Caldera, it appears the Doc is in the same boat.

During a recent stream, Dr Disrespect claims he will never drop into another Warzone match on Caldera again due to enjoying Season 13 of Apex Legends.

Dr Disrespect Will Never Play Warzone Caldera

Prior to jumping into Apex Legends, the Doc sometimes drops into some Warzone action to build up the violence, speed, and momentum. During the short stint, the two-time says he has no intention of playing a match on Caldera again.

"I'm going to say it right now, I might not ever play Warzone Caldera again...no more Caldera for the two-time," explains the Doc to the Champions Club.

"The game's phony, it's designed for eight-year-olds," continues the streamer. With no more Caldera on the cards for Dr Disrespect, fans can expect to see the streamer play more Ranked Apex Legends.

Elsewhere in the Warzone world, a recent wave of leaks suggests major changes are making their way to Warzone 2. Tweaks involving Loadout Drops and the appearance of classic Modern Warfare 2 maps as points of interest are on the way.

Perhaps these leaks will pique the interest of the Doc but for now, you won't find the two-time on Caldera anytime soon

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