Apex Legends Players React to Season 13 Changes

Promo art for Apex Legends season 13.

Promo art for Apex Legends season 13.

With today’s launch of Apex Legends Season 13, many players are flocking back to the battle royale to sample all of the latest content and changes.

How a game’s community reacts to big updates like this can often be a good barometer for returning players as to whether diving back in is worth it, so what’s the verdict?

Well, from a new legend and skins to fixes and nerfs affecting weapons and maps, the Apex Legends Reddit has opinions on it all.

Apex Legends Players React to Season 13 Changes

First of all, some controversial news. One of the most interesting changes enacted by the update solves an apparent long-standing issue around third-party kill stealing, with kill credits no longer unintentionally transferring from eliminated teams.

In practical teams, this aims to eliminate any advantage conveyed to players by finishing off random downed players. However, several players responding to the thread implied that it won’t prevent them from killing downed players, with user Tensai_Zoo saying: “if I have nothing better to do, why would I let them get revived and be a potential threat?”

A less polarising change that prompted some discussion concerns the out-of-bounds areas of the game’s maps, which will now disable any legend abilities, weapons, healing abilities, and active passives the moment that players enter them.

This was quickly identified by Reddit users as a way to limit the effectiveness and essentially nerf Valkyrie, whose abilities had been used by players to exploit these areas.

“I can't imagine how anyone would have issues with this change”, said user Lwe12345, while user TheBigMoofah added: “seems only logical that you can't do anything in an OOB area but get out of it”.

Venturing back into the unpopular, the update brought changes to the L-Star energy machine gun that have further reduced its damage and increased its cool-off time, following an earlier nerf that caused many players to stop using it.

“Now there's literally no use for it whatsoever.”, said user Cimlite, adding: “They could just as well have removed it from the game, it's a meme-weapon at this point.”

Ending on a positive note, users reacted well to a number of new weapon skins available via the battle pass, images of which were posted by user Xajai_, an artist at Respawn.

“One thing I will say is they definitely upped their game on the skins this BP vs the last one”, said user ManiShrimp, with user CoolishApollo responding to Xajai_: “These are incredible, great work to your whole team!!”

Follow us for more updates on Season 13 of Apex Legends, which has just kicked off.

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