Console Warzone Players Claim Caldera Gulag is Unfair

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The Gulag in Warzone is one of many features that separates the game from other battle royale genres. The last-chance saloon provides players with an opportunity to drop back into the action if they're able to win a 1v1 duel.

With Season 2 in full swing, the most recent patch notes detail a slight change to the Gulag in addition to fixing an accidental buff to Vanguard's PPSH SMG.

Alongside the Gulag adjustments, console players claim that the small arena is unfair due to PC players being able to utilise a wider field of view (FOV) to their advantage.

Warzone Caldera Gulag Unfair
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Is The Warzone Caldera Gulag Unfair?

Despite the symmetrical map design, Reddit user 'merskilla' asked Raven Software to design a Gulag that "doesn't always benefit the person with 1.5x the FOV as 70% of your playerbase," in a since-deleted post.

Despite the advantage a higher FOV possesses, a number of players jumped to the defence of the developer, with many preferring the current Gulag to past iterations.

The topic of FOV in Warzone is one regularly discussed within the community. Raven Software has confirmed console players won't receive a FOV slider for the current version of the battle royale, but didn't rule out one appearing in Warzone 2 once it releases.

When Will the Warzone Gulag Change?

The most recent change to the Gulag took place with the arrival of Caldera as the new Warzone map. Season 3 marks the halfway point of the Vanguard cycle so there's a high chance the arena receives an overhaul in the next major update. Let's hope the new layout doesn't favour a particular platform.

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