Console Warzone Players Will Never Get FOV Slider

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Console Warzone players have asked for Raven Software to add a field of view (FOV) slider to the battle royale for several months in a bid to level the playing field.

With Season 2 around the corner, the developer unveiled some of the improvements arriving to the game after admitting it was broken in a conference call. With many hoping for a console FOV slider, Raven Software explained why the feature is taking so long to appear.

For those hoping for a FOV slider, it's bad news. game director Josh Bridge confirmed consoles won't receive the feature.

Call of Duty Warzone Console FOV Slider
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Warzone Console FOV Slider

During a conference call, Bridge revealed the biggest factor preventing console players receiving a FOV slider involves "last-gen" consoles. In a report from CharlieINTEL, developers "don't have the confidence [to] maintain framerate on last-gen consoles with a FOV slider."

In addition to Bridge's statement, Infinity Ward studio head Pat Kelley revealed the feature "enables high skilled players more than low skilled," suggesting the addition of a slider could increase the skill gap even further.

Will Warzone 2 Have A Console FOV Slider?

With the vast majority of Warzone players dropping into matches using a PS4 or an Xbox One, the likelihood of a FOV slider appearing on the console edition of Warzone 2 is unlikely to appear. It's annoying for high-skilled console players looking to battle it out against PC players with a field of view suited to their style of play but there's still a chance of PS5 and Xbox Series players getting their hands on a slider.

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