Warzone Pacific: Raven Software Secretly Adds Bloom Mechanic to Cold War Guns

The topic of bloom within Warzone is regularly discussed within the community of the hugely popular battle royale and with Season 1 Reloaded right around the corner, many will be disappointed to hear that the weapon mechanic has appeared on specific guns from Black Ops Cold War.

The news comes after Raven Software decided to remove bloom from Warzone Pacific after it came under intense scrutiny from players due to its impact on accuracy levels. Due to an ever-changing meta, players are currently utilising Vanguard's weapon arsenal to their advantage, and it's easy to see why as Black Ops Cold War guns feature a mechanic that will prevent them from landing their shots.

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Bloom In Warzone's Black Ops Cold War Guns

Warzone Pacific Black Ops Cold War Weapon Bloom
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The discovery was made by Warzone content creator TrueGameData, who regularly analyses the performance of each weapon in the arsenal. In a video published on January 11th, they were testing out a range of different guns to see if any of them still featured bloom, and to their surprise, the MG82 and Stoner 63 LMGs.

Within the video, TrueGameData demonstrates testing that's been carried out in order to determine whether the bloom is still present within Warzone. Bullets that are fired should hit where the sight is pointing but it's clear to see that there is some significant variation when firing the MG82 and the Stoner 63.

When Will Warzone Bloom Get Removed?

Considering many thought that bloom had already disappeared from Warzone, some will be disappointed to find out that the mechanic is still present for some weapons within the game. While the MG82 and Stoner may not feature in the current metagame, it's annoying to see that Raven Software hasn't been completely removed.

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