Bloom Mechanic Removed From Warzone Pacific

Season 1 of Warzone Pacific added a huge amount of brand-new content to the battle royale as it transitioned to the Pacific island of Caldera. The latest season of post-launch content introduced a new map complete with new points of interest (POI), new weapons, and an all-new Battle Pass for players to work through.

Alongside all of the content, Raven Software managed to sneak in a controversial mechanic known as bloom, which influences the trajectory of the shots being fired from your weapon of choice. After plenty of outrage from the community, the controversial mechanic has been removed from the game.

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Warzone Weapon Bloom Removed

Warzone Pacific Bloom Removed
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For those unfamiliar with weapon bloom, it appeared in Vanguard multiplayer and adds a pinch of RNG when a weapon is fired for a prolonged period of time which impacts levels of accuracy. With the mechanic active, it means that players won't hit their intended target all of the time. When Vanguard's arsenal was integrated into Warzone, so was bloom, and players were quick to share their annoyance.

For those that aren't a fan, good news! The December 15th update has seemingly removed the mechanic from the battle royale, meaning the bullets will now land on their intended target with no variation. Call of Duty YouTuber TheXclusiveAce showed the difference in bullet trajectory for the AS44 assault rifle.

Will Bloom Be Removed From Vanguard?

With bloom removed from Warzone, Vanguard players will be hoping Sledgehammer Games makes the same decision and gets rid of the mechanic from multiplayer. It's unclear as to whether the developer will make the change, but it's clear that the community doesn't want it in the game.

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