Call of Duty: Warzone: Barakett Promenade East Location Guide – Best Loot Spots, Tips, Tricks and Strategy for The Modern Warfare Battle Royale

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Call of Duty: Warzone is available across all platforms and players are dropping straight into the 150-player battle royale.

Located on the western side of the Downtown Tavorsk District, the eastern side of the Barakett Promenade is full of multi-storey buildings and plenty of open space, lending itself to a wide variety of gunfight opportunities.


If you’re struggling to make the most of this underrated drop location, here are our handy tips and tricks that will have you ascending to the victory chopper in no time at all.

Promenade East Map

Places of Interest

  • 29 - The Roundabout
  • 30 - Pharmacy and Apartments Block (Northwest)
  • 31 - Apartments Block (North)
  • 32 - Car Showroom and Public House Block
  • 33 - Apartments Block (Northeast)
  • 34 - Verdansk Library
  • 35 - Gas Station, Bank, and Apartments Block
  • 36 - Apartments Block (Southwest)
  • 37 - School and Super Market Block (South)
  • 38 - Gun Store and Apartments Block (South)
  • 39 - Apartments Block (Southeast)
  • 40 - Ferris Wheel
  • 41 - Apartment Complex Trio and Metro



Vehicle and Buy Locations

Best Landing & Loot Locations

Gun Store & Apartments Block (South) (38)

Located precisely in the middle of the promenade, this set of apartments is home to an ammo cache, allowing you to acquire plenty of ammunition at the beginning of the game.

When outside of the building, there is a wealth of cover in the forms of small structures to keep you hidden from the opposite side of the road where more apartment blocks overlook your every move.


Due to its nearly symmetrical shape, expect there to be plenty of loot hidden away in every building.


Make sure to check the smaller buildings for any lingering loot crates and if you choose to enter the large apartment building and you’re armed with some claymores, place them just outside the main entrances to give any intruders a nasty surprise if they try to take you out.

Ferris Wheel (40)

Landing on the Ferris wheel can be advantageous despite the lack of loot.

A well-timed cutting of the parachute means you can land on top of one of the small carriages for the perfect vantage point, but make sure to be careful when trying to get back onto the ground!

There are plenty of small kiosks dotted around the wheel, with some containing loot crates, piles of cash and more. If there are no crates then all is not lost, the chances of arming yourself with a shotgun to deal plenty of damage in close-range situations are still relatively high.

Gas Station, Bank, And Apartments Block (35)

Found at the north of the east promenade, this cluster of buildings is often a hive of activity, making it easy to get straight into the action.



If you are to land here, grab any form of weaponry to get some early kills on the board and some cash which can be deposited at the bank.

With minimal cover, escaping this area can be tricky so use any utility that you may find, to your advantage.

Strategy, Tips & Tricks

Protect the Stairs

The staircases in the apartment blocks are a very difficult obstacle to negotiate when trying to flush out an opponent who’s set up camp in the top of the building.

Try not to go in single-file, as it makes it very easy for the enemy to easily take your entire team down.


Send one member of your team to tackle him, if he does get knocked down, quickly go for the trade and attempt to finalise the kill.

Smoke Out!

There are plenty of open areas throughout the promenade so utilising what tactical grenades you have in your inventory is essential for crossing the road that runs through the middle of it or if you’re after some form of improvised cover when coming under attack.

Smoke grenades are perfect for this and should always be picked up when landing in this particular area.