Call of Duty: Warzone: Downtown Tavorsk District Location Guide - Best Loot Spots, Tips, Tricks and Strategy for The Modern Warfare Battle Royale

Call of Duty: Warzone is available across all platforms and players are dropping straight into the 150-player battle royale.

Located in the centre of the map, the Downtown Tavorsk District is often one of the busiest locations, so a good strategy when dropping there is key to success.

If you’re struggling to make the most of this particular location, here are tips and tricks to succeed.

Downtown Map

Places of Interest

  • 28 - Great Bridge
  • 29 - Northern Apartments (Downtown)
  • 30 - Soccer Pitch (Bloc)
  • 31 - Police Station (Bloc)
  • 32 - Bloc
  • 33 - Riverside Tenements
  • 34 - Entertainment District
  • 35 - Art Museum
  • 36 - Arts District
  • 37 - Monument Roundabout
  • 38 - Tavorsk Bridge (Karst River)
  • 39 - Government Plaza
  • 40 - Corner Café/Construction Site
  • 41 - Broadcast and Burger Town
  • 42 - Parliament (Verdansk Government Building)
  • 43 - Monument (Market Gardens)
  • 44 - Market Gardens
  • 45 - Metro (Market Gardens)
  • 46 - Police Station (Market Gardens)
  • 47 - Financial District
  • 48 - Gora Bridge (Gora River), Fire Station 12 and WHP Tents
  • 49 - Design District
  • 50 - Apartments and Shops (Design District)


Vehicle And Buy Locations

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Best Landing & Loot Locations

Police Station (Bloc) (31)

Located opposite the football pitch, this building near the highrise buildings at the northern end of the district is an ideal place to find some strong early-game loot.

With easy access to the roof from inside the building, it is easy to pick off enemies attempting to advance towards the centre of the district thanks to the lack of cover on the roads.

If you are in need of a quick getaway, there is an ATV parked just outside for you and another member of your team to get out of the area quickly or advance onto any action that is taking place deeper into the district.

Apartments and Shops (Design District) (50)

This area can be found on the outskirts of the district, making it an ideal location to grab plenty of weaponry and utility before diving straight into the action.


The sheer size of the buildings in the area means there is a lot of loot that can be obtained from inside and outside the respective buildings.

The majority of gunfights take place on the rooftops but be wary of any players hiding in the dark corners inside the buildings, looking for an easy chance to send you to the Gulag.

Parliament (Verdansk Government Building) (42)

Potentially the most central location in the entire district, the parliament building is a great chance to overlook the rest of the district and pick off any enemies.


At the beginning of the game, land on the roof for the best view of the surrounding area but it’s important to remember that the majority of the action takes place in around the building so be aware when you attempt to hit the ground.

Strategy, Tips & Tricks

Prioritise Early Game Loot

For the best chance of getting out of the district alive, get straight into a building and look to get your hands on either an MP7 or a Model 680 to deal maximum damage and earn some cash.

Those two weapons work best when clearing out the buildings, with the MP7 also being able to make an impact at longer distances too.

Outskirts Are Safer

If you prefer to build up your loadout before engaging with the enemy, the outskirts of the district are much quieter and often contain just as much loot as some of the buildings located in the middle. Land earlier to secure control of one of the many outer buildings, gather as much loot as you please then head right into the action.

The High Ground

With so many roofs that can be accessed in and around the districts, getting the advantage of the high ground is ideal for long-range weaponry to thrive. Look for buildings with ladders on the outside if you don’t fancy the prospect of an intense close-quarters fight.

Once on the roof, a sniper rifle armed with a thermal scope is the perfect weapon of choice to take down enemies with ease. Be aware of other teams on the rooftops of the district, who will likely have a similar loadout to you, meaning you could easily be taken out of the game.

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