Warzone Caldera Release Date: When Is The New Map Coming Out?

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Season 6 of Warzone is coming to an end and the majority of players are beginning to look ahead to the next era of the immensely popular battle royale title. With Call of Duty: Vanguard out across all platforms, the focus is beginning to turn towards the release of Warzone Pacific, a huge overhaul of the entire game which includes a brand-new map.

Raven Software has started to release several teasers detailing various points of interest (POI) that will be appearing on the map. So, when exactly is Caldera releasing?

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Warzone Pacific Caldera Map Release Date

Warzone Pacific Map Showing Mountain In Background
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According to a blog post from Warzone's publisher Activision, the new map will be arriving in Warzone on December 8th, coinciding with the launch of Season 1 for Vanguard. Alongside the launch of Caldera, there will be new game modes to play along with a range of new vehicles to navigate over 200 new points of interest.

Based on the images, the Pacific theatre is a stark contrast to the bustling metropolis of Verdansk, a map players are beginning to grow tired of due to the lack of changes being made. With all-new points of interest, a variety of brightly coloured landscapes, and plenty of dense forests, Warzone's Pacific map will inject a breath of fresh air as the battle royale enters a new chapter.

Can You Play Caldera Early?

Yes! Players that own a copy of Call of Duty Vanguard will be entitled to 24 hours of early access to Caldera, giving some players the perfect opportunity to familiarise themselves with all that Caldera has to offer. Those that don't own Vanguard will be able to play Rebirth Island until Caldera goes live.

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