Strange Warzone Bounty Glitch Gives Players $120,000 Reward

As Season 1 Reloaded for Warzone Pacific continues, players dropping into Caldera are continuing to find a range of bugs and glitches that are impacting the battle royale. With Gulag winners being killed and some players seeing their guns turning invisible before their eyes, some appear to be cashing in over the course of a match.

Bounty contracts are a great way of building the Cash flow in Warzone, and thanks to a recently-discovered glitch, they're paying out hundreds of thousands of dollars rather than their usual amount of just a few thousand which can allow players to purchase Killstreaks and a Loadout Drop.

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Warzone Bounty Reward Glitch

Warzone Pacific Bounty Reward Glitch
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Having noticed a huge increase in their cash balance when completing a Bounty contract, Warzone player 'Aur0n' took to Reddit to showcase the unusual bug in action. Rather than the usual amount of around $3,000 being rewarded each member of the squad received $120,000, much to their surprise.

After thinking it may have been a graphical glitch, the team quickly made their way to the Buy Station where they were able to spend every last dollar on UAVs that "lasted the whole game," other Killstreaks, and more. The glitch arrives at a time where Raven Software intends on nerfing various elements of Warzone's Cash economy, much to the surprise of players that think there are more pressing issues that need to be addressed.

When Will The Warzone Bounty Glitch Get Fixed?

It's likely that the large Cash rewards for completing Bounty contracts will be addressed in a future Warzone update. The issue has yet to be added to the Warzone Trello board but there's a high chance of Raven Software being aware of the problem.

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