Warzone Players Express Concern After Spotting ATC Tower in Pacific Teaser

After weeks of waiting, the Secrets of the Pacific event is now live in Call of Duty Warzone and Vanguard. With Season 6 of Warzone finally coming to an end, the community's focus is beginning to turn towards a brand-new era of the battle royale in Season 1 of Warzone Pacific and the introduction of the Caldera map.

The Secrets of the Pacific event features a set of six challenges that can be completed to earn a range of cosmetics and the chance to uncover more information on the new Caldera map releasing in December. Although, as soon as the Pacific event went live Warzone players spotted a few glimpses of the notorious ATC Tower in one of the teasers, much to their concern.

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Warzone Pacific ATC Tower POI

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The Airport Tower in the past had been a popular hiding spot for campers in Warzone and continues to prove a problematic area of the map. After players spotted one of the polaroids that looked exactly like an Airport Tower in a Pacific teaser, the community was quick to respond.

'ModernWarzone' confirmed the news on Twitter: "No shot y’all really put a new ATC tower in the #Warzone Pacific map. @RavenSoftware say it ain’t so". The post gained traction in a short period of time with players debating whether it's the right move by Raven Software.

Despite all the negative responses, players spotted a winding stairwell in the upgraded Airport Tower that could make it difficult for the campers to sit and hide throughout the game. It'll be interesting to see how the community reacts to all these changes once the update goes live on December 8th.

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