Warzone Players Request Nerf to Broken Akimbo Double Barrel Shotguns

Since the integration of Vanguard's weapon arsenal into Season 1 of Warzone Pacific, the Double Barrel Shotgun was once overlooked when it came to building the best Warzone loadout. As the metagame continues to evolve, the shotgun's Akimbo attachment has been dominating in close-quarters combat, much to the annoyance of the community.

Players have started to share their frustrations with the shotgun, quickly deeming Akimbo to be overpowered in the close confines that Rebirth Island has to offer. While the shotgun continues to dominate, players have demanded Raven Software to issue some kind of nerf in order to restore some kind of balance.

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Warzone Akimbo Double Barrel Shotgun

Warzone Akimbo Double Barrel Shotgun
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Alongside the Bren and the Cooper Carbine which have been dealing damage at longer distances, Akimbo Double Barrel Shotguns are almost impossible to defeat in close-range engagements thanks to their deadly damage radius. Reddit user 'IamEclipse' shared a post demonstrating just how broken they are.

The clip above shows the player decimating a squad of three opponents attempting to access the rooftop of Rebirth Island's main prison building. With just two shots, all three of them were downed, allowing them to score the kills with ease. "I hope they get Thanos snapped straight into the shadow-realm," one user commented.

This isn't the first time shotguns have dominated the close-range Warzone metagame. Back in Verdansk, the R9-0 Shotgun excelled in close-quarters combat thanks to its Dragon's Breath rounds which quickly proved popular until Raven Software intervened with a substantial nerf.

When Will Akimbo Double Barrel Shotguns Get Nerfed?

With Raven Software developers returning to work after some time off over the festive period, players can expect plenty of updates and patches to roll out over the coming weeks that are likely to include a significant nerf to Vanguard's Double Barrel Shotgun. Until then, make the most of their immense power when up close and personal with the opposition!

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