FaZe Kalei Urges Streamers To Swap Warzone For Apex Legends

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Popular Twitch streamer FaZe Kalei recently reached out to her community members asking them to swap Warzone for Apex Legends. The renowned female streamer has been a household name for Warzone for quite some time, but it seems her interest has shifted to another battle royale.

Recently the community noticed a mass exodus from Warzone after the new map Caldera was introduced. The game has become unplayable, and numerous streamers are migrating to Apex Legends.

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FaZe Kalei Chooses Apex Legends Over Warzone

In a recent tweet Aydan mentioned that an hour of Apex Legends is far more refreshing than Warzone. FaZe Kalei took the opportunity to reveal her view on the current state of Warzone. She simply mentioned that everyone that grinds Warzone should switch to Apex Legends since the game is much more rewarding and challenging.

Some of the most popular streamers of Call Of Duty Warzone like Aydan, NICKMERCS, FaZe Kalei have urged their fans to shift to Apex Legends. The primary reason is the Caldera map, and its failure to solve the existing problems in Warzone. Warzone's viewership has been declining ever since, and only a handful of faithful players are hoping for things to get better.

Fans expected that with Vanguard's introduction Warzone would become much more expansive and fun to play. However, these expectations were ephemeral as the new update came with a host of problems. The game is currently full of bugs, and players are not enjoying the once hallowed battle royale.


Below is the Tweet featuring FaZe Kalei response:

Do you think Warzone has hit an all-time low with respect to viewership and streamer boycott? What are the necessary changes Activision needs to make to revive the popular battle royale?

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