Raven Software Addresses Broken Akimbo Double Barrel Shotguns

As the start of Season 1 Reloaded for Warzone Pacific nears, several players have been expressing their frustrations surrounding the current state of the popular battle royale. While Raven Software has finally addressed the invisible Awoken Operator Skin in a recent update, there are still numerous issues impacting the game.

One issue that's caught the attention of the community involves Akimbo Double Barrel Shotguns that have dominated the close-range metagame in recent weeks thanks to their ridiculously high damage range and immense power that's almost impossible to counter. Thankfully, Warzone's developer has revealed that a change to the overpowered weapons is in the works.

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Warzone Akimbo Double Barrel Shotgun Nerf

Warzone Pacific Akimbo Shotgun Nerf
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A shotgun nerf is on the way!

The news broke on January 5th following a surprise update that addressed several bugs within the game, including the notorious invisible Operator Skin. "We're aware of the concerns regarding the Akimbo Double Barrel Shotgun," the developer revealed. "An adjustment is coming in the near future." While it's positive that Raven Software is aware of the problem, the lack of information on when the nerf will take place is concerning.

When Will Akimbo Double Barrel Shotguns Get Nerfed?

As Raven's Tweet shows, it's unknown as to when the shotguns will finally receive their much-needed nerf. With the start of Season 1 Reloaded right around the corner, there's every chance the developer implements the nerf along with the rest of the update that's also expected to include changes to other popular weapons such as the Bren and the Cooper Carbine.

Season 1 Reloaded is expected to begin on January 10th but with several QA testers currently on strike, the mid-season update could well be pushed back in order to ensure the new content functions properly.

While we wait for the shotgun nerf to go live, check out when preloading the update will begin along with why players are demanding changes to Caldera.

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