Activision Shuts Down Warzone Cheat Provider MangoCheats

Season 1 of Warzone Pacific is now live, much to the delight of Call of Duty fans. Aside from the brand-new Caldera map and guns, players will have access to a brand-new Battle Pass, which includes a wide variety of Tier rewards.

Activision has also introduced a new anti-cheat known as RICOCHET with various new features. While the fight against the growing number of cheaters in Call of Duty continues, Warzone’s publisher has managed to shut down yet another cheat provider, known as MangoCheats.

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Activision Shuts Down MangoCheats Cheat Provider

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There’s no doubt that Warzone is plagued with cheaters running rampant despite the best efforts of Raven Software and Activision. ‘ModernWarzone’ revealed that MangoCheats had been taken down by the publisher on Twitter, making it the latest cheat provider to cease operations.

The fans seem to be ecstatic about this news as many players were already reporting cheaters in Caldera matches. In a post informing about this news, Reddit user ‘thing85’ had an interesting yet hilarious take on this situation. “Ricochet is actually just the name of a lawyer who issues cease and desist letters to cheating companies,” they said.

Will Cheat Providers Be Gone Forever?

Activision has already shut down two cheat providers in the last month, by issuing cease and desists, including the MangoCheats takedown. This combined with the RICOCHET Anti-cheat’s arrival in Warzone should have a huge impact on the number of cheaters and ultimately lead to the collapse of cheat providers.

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