Activision Issuing Hardware Bans For Repeat Cheating Offences

As Season 2 of Warzone comes to a close before Verdansk as we know it makes way for a new iteration of the map set in the 1980s, Call of Duty publisher Activision is cracking down on the issue of cheaters which has plagued the battle royale for several months.

2021 has been the year where both Raven Software and Activision have drastically improved their methods to combat the issue.

Despite their best efforts, cheaters continue to ruin the experience for many of its millions of players.

After Activision claimed that nearly half a million Warzone accounts had been permanently banned, the publisher has also revealed that stronger punishments for repeat offenders are beginning to be rolled out to clamp down further on the problem.

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Hardware Bans In Warzone

Warzone Cheat Activision Hardware Ban
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Activision has frequently promised to combat cheaters in Warzone and the publisher is finally starting to follow through on its promise. In a blog post published on April 12th, the publisher revealed that hardware bans are being issued to combat players that caught using cheats on multiple occasions.

"We do issue hardware bans against repeat, or serial, cheaters." The post stated. It also revealed that "this is an important part of our effort to combat repeat offenders."

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A Big Step Forward

Activision putting a halt to cheaters switching to an alternate Warzone account to bypass its existing anti-cheat measures is a huge step forward in the ongoing fight against players using cheats to gain an unfair advantage in the battle royale.

The more severe hardware bans are now part of the publisher's strategy that involves tackling cheaters on a daily basis.

While it isn't a dedicated piece of anti-cheat software that players have called for, the introduction of hardware bans will certainly give Activision and Raven Software the upper hand as they attempt to rid Warzone of cheaters once and for all.

Combined with Raven Software's regular ban-waves, the streets of Verdansk are finally being cleaned up to ensure a fair and level playing field for all players.

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