Call of Duty Vanguard Killstreaks List: V2 Rocket, Attack Dogs, War Machine & More

Call of Duty: Vanguard is now available across the world and as millions of players drop into Sledgehammer Games' latest multiplayer offering, many are beginning to test the huge variety of Killstreaks that are available to use across several maps and game modes.

Ranging from a pack of attack dogs to counter spy planes that block the view of the enemy minimap, there are streaks to score plenty of kills and those that can provide vital support to your team over the course of a match. With Season 2 in full swing, the developer has added brand-new Streaks into the game. In this article, find a complete list of Killstreaks that is available to use in Vanguard multiplayer.

Call of Duty Vanguard is out now. Follow the link to read our Vanguard review and early impressions.

Call of Duty Vanguard Confirmed Killstreaks

Call of Duty Vanguard Killstreak
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Having spent several hours in multiplayer, here is a full list of Killstreaks in Call of Duty Vanguard:

  • Intel (3 Kills) - Reveals nearby enemies through repeated pings of the minimap.
  • Care Package (4 Kills) - Drops a single care package that rewards a random Killstreak.
  • Spy Plane (4 Kills) - Calls in a Spy Plane which reveals enemy positions on the minimap to you and your allies. Can be shot down.
  • Counter Spy Plane (4 Kills) - Calls in a Counter Spy Plane which obscures the minimap for all enemies. Can be shot down.
  • Glide Bomb (5 Kills) - A remote-controlled bomb with a large kill radius.
  • Mortar Barrage (5 Kills) - Toss a flare canister to mark an area for repeated mortar fire.
  • Warmachine (5 Kills) - Equips a semi-automatic grenade launcher with a fixed number of grenades.
  • Guard Dog (6 Kills) - Calls in a guard dog for protection. The dog can be commanded to either guard a position or heel.
  • Strafing Run (6 Kills) - Calls in air support to strafe across a marked target area.
  • Bombing Run (7 Kills) - Allied bombers make three passes, bombarding areas with high concentrations of enemies.
  • Deathmachine (7 Kills) - Equips a machine gun with explosive rounds and a fixed number of bullets.
  • Emergency Airdrop (8 Kills) - Drops three care packages, each rewarding a random Killstreak.
  • Flamenaut (9 Kills) - Equip a protective suit and flamethrower with unlimited fuel. Both are lost on death.
  • Attack Dogs (10 Kills) - Deploy a pack of ferocious attack dogs who hunt down nearby enemies.
  • Firebombing Run (10 Kills) - You mark a location for air support to rain fire from above in a massive line that both kills enemies on impact and leaves behind a fiery wake that cannot be crossed by hostiles until it disperses.
  • Local Informants (12 Kills) - While active, reveals the location and direction of all enemies on the map.
  • Ball Turret Gunner (12 Kills) - Take control of a gunship's ball turret, mowing down enemies on the battlefield from above.

Call of Duty Vanguard Rumoured Killstreaks

Notable Call of Duty leaker @HeyImAlaix has managed to uncover a list of other Killstreaks that could appear as part of post-launch content seasons:

  • Air Superiority
  • Artillery Barrage
  • Bombing Run
  • Fritzx Bomb
  • Emergency Airdrop
  • Firebombing Run
  • Fuel Airstrike
  • Guard Dog
  • Local Informants
  • Paratroopers
  • Steel Bib Crate
  • Strafing Run

That's the full and rumoured list of Killstreaks appearing in Call of Duty: Vanguard. As soon as the game launches on November 5th, we will update this article with all the latest Killstreaks and their descriptions. While we wait, check out the ultimate SMG tier list along with a list of every Perk in multiplayer.

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