Call of Duty Vanguard Multiplayer Details, and Everything You Need To Know

The launch of Call of Duty: Vanguard is right around the corner, and with the excitement beginning to build surrounding the upcoming release on November 5th, many are looking forward to getting stuck into a brand-new dose of Call of Duty multiplayer action complete with new maps and new weaponry to master.

On September 7th, the world got its very first look at Vanguard's multiplayer during the worldwide reveal, with Sledgehammer Games unveiling plenty of new innovations alongside the classic Call of Duty game modes that feature in every annual release. With that said, here's absolutely everything you need to know about Vanguard multiplayer.

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Latest News

3 November 2021 - Mastery Camo Leaked

As with any Call of Duty, players can earn a camouflage for unlocking all of the other camos in multiplayer. Just a few days from launch, details on the Atomic Mastery Camo have been leaked. According to those that have seen it, Atomic resembles Damascus from 2019's Modern Warfare.

2 November 2021 -

Contrary to the leak posted by @TheGhostOfHope yesterday, the prominent leaker has managed to uncover the full list of weapons that will be available to use.

1 November 2021 -

With 4 days until Vanguard's release, several leaks surrounding multiplayer are beginning to emerge. Notable leaker @TheGhostOfHope has confirmed that the Lee Enfield will be arriving in the sniper rifle category while the Chauchat will be added into the assault rifle category.

29 October 2021 -

With one week to go until we get our hands on multiplayer, Activision has unveiled details of content releasing before and during Season 1. Before the first content drop, iconic map Shipment will be arriving on November 17th!

28 October 2021 -

With the launch of Vanguard just over a week away, Activision has unveiled details on the file size of the game, and much to everyone's approval, Vanguard will be much smaller than Black Ops Cold War and Modern Warfare!

27 October 2021 -

During the beta, we only got the chance to play a small portion of the 16 multiplayer maps that will be available when Vanguard launches on November 5th. During an overview for a new Operator, players were quick to spot an unreleased map set in the desert.

26 October 2021 -

Ahead of Vanguard's launch, Activision and PlayStation have joined forces to showcase the Operators that will be appearing in multiplayer. Alongside Kingsley and Petrova from Task Force One, we got our first look at Danial Take Yatsu and Padmavati Balan. Each Operator has their very own backstory based on those that fought during the war.

25 October 2021 -

While Sledgehammer Games has revealed further details on Vanguard's campaign and Zombies mode, the developer has remained silent on revealing more intel on what multiplayer has to offer. With just under two weeks to go, will we hear more multiplayer news? Perhaps information on a ranked playlist? We will have to wait and see.

World War 2 Soldier Standing In Front Of Destroyed Building
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COD Vanguard Multiplayer Maps

The only information revealed about Vanguard's maps is that there will be a total of 16 6v6 maps and 4 for Champion Hill. The beta will be the first time players will get the chance to play a small selection of the maps. A full list of Vanguard's maps can be found by checking out our dedicated hub.

COD Vanguard Multiplayer Guns

Within the files of the Vanguard beta, leakers have managed to uncover every single weapon that will be making an appearance in the full multiplayer. Check out the full list below:

COD Vanguard Perks

As always, Vanguard will feature a huge range of Perks that offer plenty of benefits during a multiplayer match. Here's a list of confirmed Perks that will be available in create-a-class:

Perk 1

  • Ghost
  • Fortified
  • Ninja
  • Survival Training

Perk 2

  • High Alert
  • Radar
  • Forward Intel
  • Tracker

Perk 3

  • Demolition
  • Double Time
  • Tactician
  • Overkill

COD Vanguard Killstreaks

Sledgehammer Games has revealed a small selection of Killstreaks that will be appearing in Vanguard's beta. For the full release, there will be plenty more choice but for now, here are the confirmed Killstreaks:

  • Intel - 3 Kills
  • Care Package - 4 Kills
  • Spy Plane - 4 Kills
  • Counter Spy Plane - 4 Kills
  • Glide Bomb - 5 Kills
  • DeathMachine - 5 Kills
  • Mortar Barrage - 5 Kills
  • War Machine - 7 Kills
  • Flamenaut - 9 Kills
  • Attack Dogs - 10 Kills

COD Vanguard Multiplayer Field Upgrades

Field Upgrades have featured in Call of Duty titles since 2019 and Vanguard will also contain a range of unique offerings that can swing the momentum of a game in your favour. Here's a list of Field Upgrades that will be appearing:

  • Supply Box
  • Armor Plate
  • Goliath
  • Field Mic
  • Dead Silence

COD Vanguard Game Modes

Like any Call of Duty title, there will be a huge range of game modes to get stuck into. As always, the usual modes such as Team Deathmatch and Domination will feature and there are also some brand-new additions. Here's a full list of modes in Vanguard multiplayer:

  • Team Deathmatch
  • Kill Confirmed
  • Domination
  • Search & Destroy
  • Hardpoint
  • Patrol

That's everything we know about Vanguard's multiplayer. As we head closer to the release, we will update this article with the latest information.

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