Call of Durty: Vanguard Create A Class Explained

The release for Call of Duty: Vanguard is only a few months away and as the hype begins to build for the latest annual release, Sledgehammer Games has unveiled a huge amount of information surrounding the game's multiplayer. The reveal that took place on September 7th showcased a number of innovations coming to the game releasing on November 5th, including changes to the hugely popular create-a-class system.

Create-a-class allows players to create a customised loadout ideal for any kind of in-game situation, complete with Perks, Field Upgrades, weapon attachments, and so much more. In this article, find out how create-a-class will function in Vanguard!

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COD Vanguard Create A Class

Call of Duty Vanguard Create A Class
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A variation on the hugely popular Gunsmith from 2019's Modern Warfare will feature in Vanguard. Each weapon in the arsenal will come with a total of ten attachment slots, creating limitless customisation options to suit all styles of play..

Unlike the Black Ops Cold War Gunsmith, Wildcards won't make an appearance in Vanguard's create a class but thanks to a range of new Perks and plenty of attachment slots, there's not much of a need for them to be included. Several features that Call of Duty veterans will be familiar with including primary and secondary weapons, a range of utility, and Field Upgrades to get the upper hand over the opposition.

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